Retail Virtual Job Tryout (VJT)

The Retail Virtual Job Tryout (VJT) offers a realistic preview of the steps for this part of the Retail interview process. If you feel you need an accommodation, please contact Shaker Help Desk at 1-877-987-5352 prior to completing the VJT. Once you submit the VJT, you cannot retake it or receive an accommodation for six months.

For technical issues with the Virtual Job Tryout assessment, contact the Shaker Help Desk at 1-877-987-5352.

Our culture

CVS Health core values of Innovation, Collaboration, Caring, Integrity, and Accountability not only support our purpose of helping people on their path to better health for our customers and patients, but they also apply to how we support our more than 250,000 colleagues. You will find our culture at CVS Health, and our leaders encourage personal and professional growth.

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