I found purpose in the military. Can I find it in my career?

Start by joining CVS Health

We’re a values-based organization focused on helping people on their path to better health. Here, you’ll work alongside former members of the military and current reservists and members of the National Guard. Bring your unique skills to our industry, and we look forward to helping you grow your career.

We offer opportunities at all levels for U.S. Veterans and will enforce the Uniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

Also, if you’re a Reservist member of the National Guard, be assured that you’ll have a job at CVS Health when you return from deployment. And, even though your civilian job may differ from your military job, we have many opportunities that may be right for you.

We recognize the value of military spouses bring to our company and continue to look for ways to help you find employment.

Explore our career areas and learn more about continuing your mission to help others.

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Browse jobs by location

Browse jobs by location

No Leadership Experience and No College Degree

You joined the service and decided you want to do something else. CVS Health values what your service taught you about discipline and teamwork. We offer training and certification opportunities to help prepare you for roles from retail to pharmacy technician to driver.

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Leadership Experience and No College Degree

Our Store Manager in Training Program is ideal for NCOs. This 12-week program can help prepare you to be a Store Manager where the career opportunities are just beginning.

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Leadership Experience and a College or Advanced Degree

You’ll find opportunities across CVS Health for someone with your leadership skills and your education which is ideal for JMOs.

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Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists

We have needs for colleagues from all medical specialties. In fact, we’re one of the largest employers of nurse practitioners in the USA.

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Can a veteran keep serving?

No matter your experience, your skills, or your goals, you’ll find opportunities at CVS Health.

How our values match yours

As you know, CVS Health is focused on helping the nation. And no matter what branch of the military you served in, you’ll find that our values match the values that you live by.

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Innovation – Your ability to quickly implement new advances will fit well at CVS Health, where we are quick to
bring new technology to help our customers.

Collaboration – You already know the importance of teamwork and of leadership, and here you’ll thrive in a collaborative, flexible environment.

Caring – Your dedication to honor, service and sacrifice prepared you for a career at a company like CVS Health, where we put the needs of our customers and our patients first.

Integrity – The honesty and sincerity that you bring from the service will help in all aspects of your work life here.

Accountability – While holding yourself to a higher standard and taking responsibility for your actions, you were preparing yourself for a career with CVS Health.

Military Profiles

Click on the photos below to read the stories of veterans who made the move to CVS Health.

  • Tom Aucello

    Tom Aucello

    Tom Aucello Tom Aucello

    Talent Acquisition Manager
    U.S. Marine Corps, Master Sergeant

    Here, as I did in the military, I feel I’m part of a bigger purpose. We impact people’s lives and this is a natural continuation of a noble career path. You’ll be surrounded by many veterans from all eras and a company that values not only our past service but what we can contribute today. It provides the fulfillment of accomplishing missions and the opportunity to constantly contribute to a bigger cause.

    Tom's LinkedIn Profile
  • Alyce Pagliarini

    Alyce Pagliarini

    Alyce Pagliarini Alyce Pagliarini

    Manager, Information Security Policy Management and Security Awareness
    U.S. Military Flight Commander

    Being in the military cyber warfare realm requires extensive flexibility from my civilian employer. The flexibility provided by CVS Health has allowed me to seamlessly transition from my military mission to my corporate position.

    Alyce's LinkedIn Profile
  • Alan Berry

    Alan Berry

    Alan Berry Alan Berry

    Senior Director, Enterprise Disaster Recovery
    U.S. Air Force, Colonel

    CVS Health values self-starters and independent thinkers. Any transitioning veteran can and will succeed here if you continue to stress your accountability and thoroughness. The lingo is different and the uniform is different. But the sense of mission is familiar. It’s clear, understandable and relatable. That clarity of mission provides a similar sense of duty. Bring your ‘A’ game, though. We do run hard in order to ensure we help our patients on their path to better health.

    Alan's LinkedIn Profile
  • Ed Pethan

    Ed Pethan

    Ed Pethan Ed Pethan

    Manager, Workforce Initiatives-Military
    Recruitment U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel

    All of soft skills that I acquired while on active duty with the Army for 26 years transitioned nicely with my new career at CVS Health. Regardless of my technical background in the military, my soft skills gained in the military are making my new career with CVS Health a smoother transition.

    Ed's LinkedIn Profile
  • David Casey

    David Casey

    David Casey David Casey

    Vice President, Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer
    U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant

    The military has an ethos that is grounded in purpose-driven service that’s bigger than the induvial. The same holds true for us at CVS Health. You can talk to colleagues in any part of our business and they will be able to articulate our company’s purpose and the role they play to help execute that purpose. Working here provides an opportunity for service members and military spouses to continue to serve -- just in a civvies.

    David's LinkedIn Profile
  • Jerrod Altmeier

    Jerrod Altmeier

    Jerrod Altmeier Jerrod Altmeier

    Telecom Intake Manager
    U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant

    Coming from the military, I was used to being able to have as much responsibility and influence as I was willing to reach out and grab and prove myself capable of having. CVS Health has provided that same opportunity. I never feel limited or constrained here; there’s always more I can reach out and grab to take on and get involved in. The military drove me to never settle for the easy way out and always work for things to be done the right way. CVS Health has an environment where that’s still encouraged.

    Jerrod's LinkedIn Profile
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Supporting your local community

At CVS Health, we help out in our communities and give back to the people who support us.

Awards & Recognition

Our hard work's been noticed, and acclaimed.

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Opportunities for Spouses

We’re proud to be part of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) providing training and employment opportunities for spouses. With 150 CVS Health locations just 20 miles from a military base, you’ll find roles here. But we also have work-from-home opportunities.

Before You Apply

We want you to feel fully prepared in your search as your work makes a difference in the lives of millions.

Should I Self-Identify?

We are proud to hire veterans and will use this information to understand how we can improve the hiring experience for other veterans.

The Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (VEVRAA), as amended (38 U.S.C. § 4212), prohibits discrimination against protected veterans. Under VEVRAA, a veteran may be classified as a ‘‘disabled veteran,’’ ‘‘recently separated veteran,’’ ‘‘active duty wartime or campaign badge veteran,’’ or ‘‘Armed Forces service medal veteran.’’

For help with how to self-identify please click here

Virtual Job Tryout

CVS Health screens over a million job applicants a year. To be fair and objective in making hiring decisions, we consider experience, job related skills, and interview performance. One way we evaluate applicants is by having applicants to many high volume roles take the Virtual Job Tryout (VJT). Please see the attached pamphlets to gain an understanding about the VJT before you apply.

Retail VJT Pharmacy Benefit Management VJT

Our culture

CVS Health core values of Innovation, Collaboration, Caring, Integrity, and Accountability not only support our purpose of helping people on their path to better health for our customers and patients, but they also apply to how we support our more than 250,000 colleagues. You will find our culture at CVS Health, and our leaders encourage personal and professional growth.

Changing the future of health care at CVS Health

CVS Health Opens Talent Connect Center (TCC) at Fort Bragg

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