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Analytics Team and Support

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Olga Matlin

Sr Director, Analytic Development

“This industry is ever-changing, so analyzing data will always be impactful for the business.”

75% of the US population lives within 3 miles of a CVS/pharmacy"

Endless opportunities in Analytics at CVS Health

Stephanie Civalie, Sr Mgr, Talent Management

CVS Health’s mission in Analytics

Bob Darin, Chief Analytics Officer

Analytics is key to our success at CVS Health. Here are a few of our analytics colleagues who use their skills every day to help people on their path to better health.

CVS Health: Truly in a category of one

Stephen Holodak, VP, Information Technology

Jawad Bajjou

Sr. Director, Analytic Development
Clinical Analytics

“The culture in Analytics encourages success, empowerment, innovation, and diversity of thinking.”

Investing $50 million over 5 years to help people lead tobacco free lives

Sangeet Uttam

Sr. Director, Insights & Innovation

“Our goals are not to just analyze what has happened, but it’s more so about coming up with new concepts and strategies.”

Merouan Bouzhar

Analytics Development, Strategic Analytics

“You’ll be impacting the business and driving strategy in a very direct and apparent way that inevitably affects people’s lives and health.”


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