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MinuteClinic has partnered with FNP and PA programs throughout the nation to provide a premier preceptor program for students. Our preceptor program is designed to educate students about clinical processes as well as about retail clinics and their role in the changing world of heath care. The application portal is only open three times a year in August, December and April.

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A premier preceptor program for Family Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant students

The program aims to prepare students for the real world. We accomplish this goal by meeting the academic standards of the school and by providing students with a well-rounded experience that includes specialized online training, patient interaction, visibility to our EMR and the opportunity to work in a new and exciting model of health care.

Our preceptors have a passion for working with students. All of our providers have exceptional clinical skills and have worked hard to become experts in the operational skills required to run their own clinics. Given this experience, they provide an outstanding educational experience to their students.

The MinuteClinic preceptor program offers the most unique experience available because students do more than enhance their clinical skills. Students receive:

  • Practical education including clinic operations, public relations, marketing, insurance procedures and use of evidence-based guidelines
  • Exposure to the retail health care model of service delivery and an understanding of how the clinics fit into the future of health care
  • An understanding of how a corporation relates to and supports the advancement of clinical practice
  • Flexible schedules — clinics are open 7 days a week, allowing for a variety of clinical rotation sites and times

To participate, students must be enrolled in a family nurse practitioner or physician assistant program that has an executed MinuteClinic Preceptor Agreement, and must have completed at least one semester of a Master’s, post-Master’s or Doctoral program.

How the application process works

The application portal is only open in August, December and April.

Application portal open for the month of:
Spring (Jan-April) August
Summer (May-August) December
Fall (Sept-Dec) April
Interviewing for placement in:
Spring (Jan-April) September
Summer (May-August) January
Fall (Sept-Dec) May
Students notified of placement:
Spring (Jan-April) By end of first week in October
Summer (May-August) By end of first week in February
Fall (Sept-Dec) By end of first week in June

Please remember these important items when applying for a preceptorship with MinuteClinic:

  • Apply for only the specific semester(s) in which you are interested in precepting.
  • All students (or placement coordinators on behalf of students) must apply online while the application portal is open. The application portal is only open three times a year in August, December and April.
  • Completing a full application is the first step in our process. We ask that you (or your school) do not contact our providers directly.
  • Please remember that a CV/resume and cover letter are also required. Applications not containing these items will not be forwarded for consideration.
  • Initial contact for each semester is done approximately 2-3 months prior to the start of the semester. Due to our unique business model, we only schedule one semester at a time.
  • You will receive information regarding your placement status via email. During the time you are waiting to hear from us, please check your spam box as the email will come from an automated system.
  • We will do our best to communicate to you as soon as possible regarding your application. We understand that you need to be able to make alternative arrangements if we are not able to accommodate you.
  • Clinical rotations are confirmed through our Corporate Office; please do not contact providers directly.
  • Students will receive notification of placement on or before the date indicated in the grid above.
  • Students who precept with us must complete mandatory online modules (HIPAA, Workplace Violence and Code of Conduct) before starting their rotation. An email (that will include the link to the modules, username and password) will be sent to students 1-2 weeks prior to their first clinic day.

As a reminder, it is the responsibility of the school to verify that the students:

  • Have an annual skin test, CXR or other appropriate test for TB
  • Are current on their immunizations
  • Are properly licensed and are in good standing in the state where they apply for a preceptorship (applies to FNP students only)
  • Are CPR certified
  • Have undergone criminal background checks and have a clean record

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