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Retail Pharmacy Internship Program

“Through our internship program, we empower interns to grow their personal and professional skills to advance their pharmacy careers. Our structured program is designed to enhance an intern’s clinical, managerial and leadership skills.”

-Helena Foulkes, Executive Vice President of CVS Health and President of CVS Pharmacy

Our success as the nation’s leading integrated health care provider and our impact on the community depend on our pharmacy team. We seek the best and brightest pharmacy students to help our patients on their path to better health.

Our Retail Pharmacy Internship Program, called ExperienceRx™, is structured to develop your professional skills in an environment where you will be exposed to all aspects of community pharmacy. You will be allowed to reinforce classroom knowledge through experience-centric learning and this synergistic approach will prepare you, a future Pharmacist, to fulfill the needs of patients within their communities. ExperienceRx™ was designed to enhance your clinical, managerial and leadership skills so that together, we can reinvent pharmacy.

CVS Pharmacy is dedicated to supporting and educating you to ensure your success in our practice setting and beyond.

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